Nine easy steps to creating your PowerPoint presentation content

Creating a PowerPoint presentation doesn't need to be difficult, in fact creating a PowerPoint presentation should be fun.

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But sometimes, creating the content for your presentation can seem like an arduous and never ending task. To help you we've compiled nine easy to follow steps which will help you get the most out of your presentation content and make creating that perfect PowerPoint presentation even easier.

Think This is where all good writing starts. What do you need to say? "Our products are the best because..." or "We need to expand because..." etc., By thinking of what you need to say you can begin to create a response to your message.

Jot it down Don't focus on grammar or spelling; simply try to get the information out of your head and into slides. PowerPoint is a great tool for "jotting" so use it. Using the Notes view you can write your notes and later copy it onto your presentation slides to save time.

Write as you speak Speak out loud as you write. Writing what you speak is natural. Speaking what you write can become more "robotic". Often we confuse simple explanations in writing with long multi syllables that are not only more difficult to say but require your audience to work harder to interpret.

Elaborate With the main direction, argument, and your thoughts written in the slides it is time to elaborate and add more substance to your notes. For example if you had as your main argument "We need to expand because…" and then added your notes from point two as "we have great market potential" then you would elaborate like, "We need to expand because we have great market potential…in reaching the end user with the current market trends that allow us to provide them with a unique service that is otherwise unavailable".

Research Are there any missing parts to your argument? Are you sure there are no other services that are similar or duplicate to your market offering? Are you certain of current market trends? Whatever your argument and however you have elaborated upon it make sure you know your facts and your information is correct.

Finish writing When you are finished writing go back and add any missing dates and details. Be clear about what happened and when. Remember, to keep your slide content written like you speak. Just write it simply and get it all down in your PowerPoint slides.

Timeout With your content written take a timeout and relax away from the content.

Final touches Now that you have had some space and time away from your presentation go back and look at what you wrote. Run a spell check. Read it aloud. Ask someone else to read it. Fix any formatting or grammar problems and maek sure your slides are clean and simple. You want to communicate to your audience not overwhelm them.

Close your presentation With your presentation complete it is time to practise and rehearse your presentation. For advice at how to improve your presentation performance pleae read Every PowerPoint presentation is your chance to perform